Groundbreaking Thinker…I am!

Groundbreaking Thinkers are charming, enthusiastic persons. They really bubble over with energy and like to take centre stage. They love variety both professionally and privately. Groundbreaking Thinkers tackle changes consistently with their optimism and firm belief in their own abilities; they are always on the look-out for improvement possibilities.

Their excellent communication skills are of great advantage to them here. They approach the world with curiosity and openness and master new situations with a great deal of talent for improvising and with resourcefulness. Their spare time is taken up with a large number of hobbies; most Groundbreaking Thinkers like to travel in order to gather as many different impressions as possible. This personality type is unbeatable at discovering new possibilities.

In their work, Groundbreaking Thinkers highly rate challenges and diversified tasks. They cannot stand routine and too detailed work. They love to astound others with bold ideas for an original, new project and then leave it up to the others to implement them. Hierarchies, rules and regulations arouse their opposition and they love outsmarting the system. It is vital to them that they enjoy their work; if this is the case, they quickly become pure workaholics. Their creativity best takes effect when they work independently; but they are very good at motivating others and infecting them with their optimistic nature. Conceptual or advisory activities appeal especially to Groundbreaking Thinkers. It can happen that some people feel somewhat duped by their flexible, spontaneous nature.

Their sociability and enterprise ensure that Groundbreaking Thinkers always have a large circle of friends and acquaintances in which activity plays an important role. As they are mostly in a good mood, they are popular and very welcome guests. Grumbling and peevishness are unknown to them. However, they do tend to be a little erratic and unstable when it comes to obligations and this makes them appear to be unreliable to some. Groundbreaking Thinkers are very critical and demanding when it comes to picking a partner because they look for the ideal relationship and have a very concrete picture of this ideal relationship. Mutual aims in life are very important to them. They do not like compromising and would rather remain alone. For the partner, it is often a challenge to have a long-term relationship with a Groundbreaking Thinker. Groundbreaking Thinkers need a lot of space and diversity or otherwise they become bored and feel cramped. Types who are rather more traditionalistic often have problems with the willingness of Groundbreaking Thinkers to take risks and their often crazy, spontaneous actions. However, if one can summon up sufficient flexibility and tolerance for them, one will never be bored in their presence and will always have a loyal and faithful partner.

Adjectives that describe your type
extroverted, theoretical, logical, spontaneous, rational, innovative, intellectual, open, independent, curious, enterprising, analytical, clever, enthusiastic, venturesome, inventive, energetic, sociable, optimistic, non-conformist, creative, freedom-loving, charming, able to get enthusiastic, self-confident, communicative, capricious, inconsistent, outgoing



“As a service to the Filipino people, dapat magbigti na kaming lahat.”
~Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on her fellow senators

**panalo to hahaha


MEGAN YOUNG of the Philippines won the Miss World crown Saturday night. The win was a bit controversial though since one of the judges admitted that Sen. Franklin Drilon offered 50 million pesos to those who voted for her.

From a record 127 hopefuls, the judges picked only five to advance to the final round – prompting Jinggoy Estrada to accuse Miss World of being “selective.”

Filipinos everywhere are still talking about Megan Young and her Miss World victory. That’s great news for Bong, Jinggoy, and Enrile.

Before Megan Young, the Philippines has never won a Miss World title. The country waited 63 long years before it finally clinched the elusive victory. Let this moment inspire you… Richard Gomez.

A bloc of congressmen has filed a resolution honoring Miss World 2013 Megan Young. These lawmakers and Megan’s victory have something in common. Predictable.

1From PDAF to DAP
Budget Secretary Butch…

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ilabas ang LV wheelchair!


SLAMMING WHAT he described as a media “frenzy,” Edgardo Angara says labeling the pork barrel issue as a “scandal” instead of calling it a “controversy” makes people think that senators are “evil.” To which Satan replied, “Excuse me! We’re not senators!”

A COA report showed Edgardo Angara allotted P14.4 million of his pork barrel funds to an NGO where he was an incorporator, stockholder and board member. Now that’s scandalous! I mean, controversial! Sorry Senator.

But ex-senator Edgardo Angara insisted, “Even if COA mentioned my name, don’t jump into conclusion that I pocketed money from that.” Don’t worry sir. We’re not jumping into conclusion. (We already did.)

According to former senator Edgardo Angara, alleged pork barrel scam perpetrator Janet Lim-Napoles must be spared from “prejudicial publicity” to ensure a fair trial. Watch out Lorna Kapunan! Someone wants your job.

Pork Inquiry
The Senate has an ongoing investigation on the pork…

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i-iskedyul natin ang ganda… lelz


janet 1
FOR THE FIRST TIME since her “surrender,” alleged P10-billion pork barrel scam perpetrator Janet Lim-Napoles is breaking her silence. And for the second time in just three weeks, she’ll be grilled by the most outspoken name in talk TV: Krissy.

2:30 PM, August 30, 2013
Makati City Jail

I’m baaaack! How are you naaa? Favorite n’yo talaga ako ‘no? Hay naku, I told Boy and Deo kanina, “Last na talaga ‘toh! Sa susunod you’ll have to pay me naaa.” Aha-ha-ha! Anyway, I’m outside Makati City Jail right now and… gosh, we have bulok jails pala talaga ‘no? How saaad! In a few minutes, I’ll be interviewing Ms Janet Lim-Napoles. I’m sure maraming magtataas ng kilay d’yan dahil pinayagan akong mag-interview. Care bears! Mamatay kayo sa inggit! Unang-una, hindi ko fault na nagri-rate ang interviews ko! At pangalawa, mataas ang commercial load ‘noh! So don’t be nega! Dapat love love love…

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JUNE as PRIDE MONTH, Charice Coming Out, The Annual White Party and the Video that touched Everyone’s Heart

When did you ever see a fag fight back?… Now, times were a-changin’. Tuesday night was the last night for bullshit…. Predominantly, the theme (w)as, “this shit has got to stop!”

                      —anonymous Stonewall riots participant

Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves. -Che

It’s the third day of June, and as we all know, this month has been known as the Pride Month. Well, we do know that, but do we know its origin? Or if we, do we care?

Yesterday, Charice Pempengco bravely came out and told the whole world she’s lesbian. And as many people lauded her for her courage and being true, I know there are those who have raise their eyebrows. Charice gained many people’s sympathy and admiration, locally and abroad. Whatever other people would have to say, it actually does not matter at all. On how I see it, this will open more doors to people who have wanted to free themselves from their own dark cages. And now that she is “free as a bird”, I know many will also break their own chains and fly. KUDOS CHARICE, you did a great thing!

Okay, so I started with Charice, actually her coming out was a great start for the month June, HEY, it’s PRIDE MONTH! Who would know that this year’s Pride Month would be opened by an international singing sensation’s freedom?

Anyway, going back to the Pride Month thingy, in case we don’t know June has been commemorated as such in remembrance to the Stonewall Riot. You don’t know? And you are Gay? Well, you better start reading your history sistah! Yes, the LGBT Community is not just Goooooood Vibes every time, yah know.

In case you haven’t noticed, LGBTs around the world have been observing this Pride Month as a symbol of the struggle for the whole community. You don’t just put costumes and flaunt whatever you have in the streets for nothing.

Many say this was also one of the reasons why we have now the White Parties. This Party has been observed to many countries for many years now. I, myself have been attending this party and every time I arrived home after the party, I used to check my facebook account if anyone has tagged me pictures and trying to know if I looked drunk, or whatever. It’s fun every year and people close it with their own fireworks!

I remember one year, a day after partying in the White Party, a friend of mine posted a status asking why there is a WHITE PARTY, and one answered, oh because we are celebrating our purity? And I think that was the most hilarious (at the same time, stupid) answer one can think of. Dear, if we are pure enough there would be no reason for the White Party because in the first place if people look at us as pure there would be no police raid that night in the Stonewall Inn; because if people thinks we are pure, there would be no Pride Month to let the whole world know that we are humans, too; because if people think we are pure, there would be no discriminations, bullying and gay bashing against us; because if we look pure to them we don’t have to struggle to assert our rights to every little thing that we deserve but don’t get to enjoy.

Again, going back, June is the Pride Month and White Party is every last Saturday of June. White parties are always (or most of the time) celebrated on the last Saturday of this month, many say it originated when an organization asked a gay businessman to generate a ‘desperately’ needed money to fight the rampantly running disease through the ay community, and yes you are right, it’s HIV-AIDS. Some say (as how I said it earlier), it is to commemorate the Stonewall Riot that happened at the end of June in 1969.

Hours before I started writing this, I was lucky enough to watch a video of a gay guy who I think until now is suffering from a pain no one can even imagine. A guy who lost his love one, who happens to be a guy as well, and be treated by the family (of that guy) in a manner that educated, well mannered and broad-minded people will never do. Define educated, well mannered and broad-minded! I can still remember how he realizes that even after they (him and his partner) were able to manage their joint venture, own a mortgage, and practically share everything (as a couple); he still does not exist to his partner’s family and that the government still looks at them as mere “ROOM MATES”. Two hearts who have always dreamed of binding their love for each other and exchange vows in front of their friends and families whom they thought will accept them and understand and be happy for they have found true love and happiness…And yes, both their dreams shattered!

If only people have accepted them, if only people learned to find a place in their hearts the love and acceptance that couple were asking them.

JUNE is the PRIDE MONTH, and every year, the LGBT Community celebrates it, commemorates it and observes it.


I know, I know…some people will say I’m a Killjoy, I’m a spoiler of fun, and that I spread Bad Vibes. And that all we want and all we need is to have lots of fun and good vibes, you can always have fun and all of that, but in the end let me ask you this, after enjoying did you really get what you want? Are you really enjoying living here in this kind of society, especially living here as a member of the LGBT Community? At the end of the day, can you tell yourself that you were FULLY ACCEPTED by everyone and not just TOLERATED (coz that’s two different things)?

Come to think of these, were you accepted by your family because you are a family or because they will die in hunger if you won’t give them their monthly budget? Were you truly accepted by your co-workers because they know you are an intelligent employee and a caring superior or simply because they know you can get them fired? Do your classmates really accept you because they look up to you and not because you do all the work for them? Does your neighbor respect you because they fully accept you or just because you are already there and besides, you share your food to them every meal?

Yes, members of the LGBT Community are strong, responsible, hard working, kind, sympathetic and all but that’s beside the point. Is that the only purpose of each and every one of us? Feed them, do the work for them, please them just to be tolerated, oh come on, we are more than that, MORE THAN THAT I tell you.

I have heard the phrase, “it’s high time” for so many times whenever the topic of really getting serious about the LGBT struggle is being talked about. But, does the community realize it fully? Does the community really appreciate that there is something to be done?

I just hope that there will be no other Jamey Rodemeyer before we really get to our senses and start doing the things that we should have been doing long ago.

An Open Letter to Noynoy Aquino About the Digitel Workers


An Open Letter to Noynoy Aquino

May 22, 2013

Hon. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III


Republic of the Philippines

Dear Mr. President,


I am Joseph de Jesus, I am 28 years old and a resident in Mandaluyong City. I am a former student of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Way back in college I have been very fond of reading books and watching videos from the recent past. You see, I am an EDSA baby, I was born in 1985 and EDSA I was in 1986 so I got really interested in knowing everything about it as I grew up. I remember, I was still in high school when the EDSA II happened, every time I arrive home from school I would always tune in on the news to know the updates and what was already happening.

I could say that even as a teenager, my love for my country and countrymen is there. I can also remember how I wanted to be in EDSA during the ouster of Erap Estrada. But, after sometime and after coming to realization how GMA is as a president and head of the state, I was very thankful that I was never a part of her installation as the president.

I am now writing this letter to you as a concerned citizen, I have been reading articles and watching news about the Digitel Employees Union that has been conducting a picket-rally (for 43 day now) and a hunger strike (for 37 days now) in front of the PLDT Main office in Makati. This occurrence had caught my interest and sympathy because I know how hard it is for parents to make both ends meet. I have witnessed how my parents strive very hard so we can go to school and so they can feed us everyday.

I have learned that most of these employees still have little kids who are still in elementary and high school. And I can’t think of what kind of future will they have if they won’t be able to continue with their studies. These employees are in there mid-life or as we always say “may edad na”. If they will not be able to get their jobs back, who will still employ them and make them regular?

From what I have read in many books, I learned how your parents was able to make a way to ensure you and your siblings’ safety during the Martial Law time, and yes, I know they did it because they love you. And these Digitel workers, they are doing what they’re doing now because they also love their families especially their kids. They want to give the best for their sons and daughters, just like what every parent wants to give to their own children.

If I were a son of one of these Digitel Workers, I would be very proud to say to the world that my father is in strike because I know he is fighting for his right to job and he is fighting for my right to a better life.

Also, I am writing this letter to you because I know that I am a part of the future work force of this country. And I fully understand that what the Digitel workers are experiencing right now will continue and prevail if nothing will be done today. Those business tycoons will always deny the workers our rights to job security because they know they can always get away with it. And that is something I don’t want to inherit as a future laborer of this country. And I know this is also one of the reasons why some if not most Filipinos will just go to other country to try their luck instead of giving their contribution here.

Mr. Aquino, your father has been a source of inspiration for most Filipinos especially to those whose nationalism and patriotism burns deep in their hearts. Your mother has been a symbol of such courage and strength especially to women and mothers because she showed that women can also be empowered. Now that you are our president, I am hoping and praying that you will also leave something to us Filipinos. I am also hoping that you will have your own legacy aside from what your parents have left.

Mr. President, the Digitel Workers need you, these workers are parents. Now that you are the father of our nation, they need their father to do something about their plight. Please be a good father and do something about it. I am hoping that you will not let us all down.


Joseph de Jesus


Two (2) days from now, the people of the Philippines will have to choose for the future of our country’s politics. For some people, voting (or election for that matter) has been a very festive thing, for some it’s just a normal thing, and for others…it’s tragic!


Remember those times that many teachers have lost their lives to protect the ballot boxes? Or those schools burnt? Well, I remember the time when our family had our own share of fear when my uncle (mom’s first cousin) was abducted days before the actual voting day, that time he was running for mayoral position in our province.

Since this election started, wala na ata akong naging bukambibig kundi ang, “I just hope this would end, I’m getting sick and tire of those campaign jingles”. Sa ayaw at sa gusto ng tenga mo, maririnig mo ng paulit-ulit hanggang sa panaginip mo ang iba’t-ibang jingle, na kahit sinusuka ng earlobes mo wala kang magagawa!

Sad truth is, whatever the outcome of this election, I don’t think that there will be an essential change in the society. Of course, after this election, it’s gonna be payback time. And with payback, I mean to say that those who placed them into position will be asking these politicians to pay the price of having them placed in power. Bayad utang na loob!

Pero bago ako masyadong lumaot dyan, at anyway ay lalabas ang pa rin naman ang maraming Pilipino sa lunes upang dumihan ang kanilang mga kamay (literally and figuratively), atin na lamang sukatin ang ilan sa mga kandidatong pag-i-i-ni-mayni-mo-han natin sa lunes.

Unahin natin yung mga bagong mukha pero lumang apelyido.

Meron isang kandidato, ginamit na lahat ng kamag-anak, mula sa tiyo, tiya, at syempre ang pinsan. minsan gusto ko tuloy itanong, total ginamit mo na ang dalawang noy at pati ang cory bat di mo na rin kaya isama si tandang sora! sabihin mo ikaw ang nawawala nyang apo. baka ikadagdag yan ng boto sa’yo! Kung makapagmalaki ng pagtatapos ng diktadura, akala mo ay talagang kasama s’ya mismo sa nagmartsa!

Eto namang isa, ni walang naging kasaysayan sa pulitika, akala ata ang eksperinsya n’ya ng pagtitimpla ng kape sa tatay n’ya eh sapat na para maging senadora! Ate, gusto mo maging nanay sa senado, yun lang naman pala ang gusto mo, di sana nag-apply ka na lang na care taker ng building nito. Kung ikaw ay mananalo, hindi bale yung sinabi mo na sa senate floor ang pinakamagandang lugar ng debate, maraming gagawa niyan sa’yo, sana lang wag ka ma-coma pag si defensor-santiago na ang nagtanong sa iyo!

Eto pang isa, diba ikaw ang author ng anti-monopoly bill? bakit di mo kaa simulang ipatupad yang batas nay an sa pamilya n’yo. Wag n’yo nang balakin pang imonopolisa ang pulitika! Buhay pa si Ferdie anjan na kayo, hanggang ngayon halos utal na ang tatay mo ayaw pang bumitiw sa kapit sa kapangyarihan at pwesto!

Yung isa naman, dahil pinamana na sa nanay niya ang pagkamayora lilipat naman sa senado, hoy, ba’t di ninyo muna kaya ayusin ang away ng kapatid ninyo. buti pa yung mga barretto, from time to time nagkakasundo. Pero kayo, ay ewan ko!

Ang daming gustong maupo sa pwesto, para bang pag nasa pwesto at may kapangyarihan sa gubyerno ka lamang pwedeng makatulong sa kapwa mo.

Nung minsan, sabi ko sa twitter ko, Everytime I hear the “dapat tama” election tagline of GMA News, I ask myself, Is there really a right one? Does it even exist? (Infairness, na-favorite ng GMANews ang tweet ko) Pero, diba, sa panahon ngayon meron pa nga ba talaga? Nage-exist pa ba ang tamang tao sa posisyon ngayon?

Sabi naman ng ABS-CBN, Tayo naman. Gusto kong itanong sa sarili ko, hindi ba’t kada eleksyon ay dapat tayo naman? Tayo naman ang magdesisyon ng tam? Tayo naman ang magnilay ng mga nangyayari? At tayo naman ang DAPAT NA TALAGA at TOTOONG tutukan ng pansin?

Eleksyon na naman, Eleksyon na naman. Sa lunes, boboto ka, mauupo sila sa pwesto, at sa huli….HINDI KAYA IKAW ULIT ANG TALO?